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MALS Surgery Recovery 8 Weeks

It’s been four weeks between posts. I tried to write this blog over and over again but I just felt like I was letting all of you down. I am suffering and have been since surgery from nausea and vomiting. The pain is gone, which I am so thankful for, but the nausea and vomiting has become worse some days. We knew that was a chance we would take with surgery. I am also not doing celiac plexus blocks for the first time in six years so I had no idea how I would feel without them. Clearly, they masked a lot of the nausea and stopped the vomiting.

They say you have to relearn how to eat after MALS surgery and that is very true. Before surgery I was living on carbs and sugar to survive. Now I am doing less carbs and no sugar and eating lots of vegetables and some fruit. I am doing vegan protein shakes and those fill me up to help with lack of food as my body adjusts. I am thiking that is what is causing the nausea as well. I am not eating as much as I am used to and now my body is going crazy because of that. With MALS surgery I also am suffering from lack of appetite which I dealt with before surgery. I have to smoke marijuana to make myself hungry to eat. I have not been wanting to use much of it so I am not eating. I am forcing water into my body as that makes me nauseous sometimes. I am using zophran to keep down the water and limited food as I can. I am starting to get nauseous from the taste of Zophran. It’s just a viscous cycle of nausea.

I am thankful I had surgery and grateful for it. The pain and bloating and heavy awful feeling is gone! I still have plenty of time to recover before wedding season starts again. I have not talked about my business and how well I am doing! I was waiting for another blog for that. Coming soon. I am trying not to stress myself out over learning how to eat again but its stressful. That is the only side effect I am struggling with the most. I am enjoying having dinner with my husband every night! I am cooking and eating much healthier and really getting into it. We enjoy that part of our day the best and now I can enjoy eating with my husband every night with no pain. It’s an amazing feeling.

I will keep you posted on the lab work I have done this week and my appointment with my GI pain doctor. I am hoping he can find a stronger anti nausea med and an antacid it stop my heartburn. I forgot to mention my heartburn Has been off the charts since I had surgery also. I am assuming its from lack of food. Something is causing me to produce a lot of bile and stomach acid and it just burns so bad and makes me want to vomit a lot. I do throw it up and it burns so bad. I am living on pesto bismo tablets and Prilosec. I am hoping the Doctor this week has stronger medications for all of this.

Well thank you for reading my blog and being a part of my rare MALS Journey. I am enjoying documenting this for those who come after me in surgery and their MALS battle. There is hope with all the pain and sadness. I promise you. My story is living proof. The struggle may never end but how I am dealing with it and being able to figure out how to live a normal life is what great stories in history are made of. I am letting my story be that history. Heres to some more healing time and more blogs to come!


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