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Sarah's Story

The list of illnesses I suffer from is exhausting. I have always had some sort of pain syndrome, an illness, always falling and breaking bones, riding horses from the time I was a baby to adulthood, car accidents, strokes and ten major surgeries with six organs removed and what is left in my body inflamed or already damaged. I grow tumors and cysts and no one knows why. The masses destroy whatever they have implanted themselves into. I have had organs removed that were beyond dead. So bad that twice the surgeon was disgusted that I had been left in that condition for as long as I was. 

I was diagnsoed with MALS in 2020 and it has been the greatest feeling! For years I wrote blogs about being undiagnosed and most of my mental healthy issues were stemming from lack of understanding and knowledge by the doctors. Now I am no longer a mystery as MALS causes so many other illnesses that all go hand in hand in what I have been dealing with.

The good news is that I am now getting diagnosed which means medications for the first time in my life. I am so thrilled that we are finding medications that are helping me. Also, when we try a new medication and it works that helps with the doctors being able to properly diagnose me.



Thank you for being a part of my healing. This website is a way for me to heal my mind and my calm my body and give my soul the pleasure of enjoyment. I love to write and I had lost my passion for far too long. I have now rekindled my romance with words and thoughts and have sat down and started putting them all into words on the screen. Words that I hope heal another person. Words that I hope guide you to your own answers and spiritual awareness and the connection you have with your body. All of it. Your body will tell you what is ailing it. You just have to listen. 


Enjoy this peaceful day. 



P.S. For updates follow my Blog by clicking here

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