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MALS Surgery Recovery Week Four

I am on week four of surgery recovery. Each day has been different. I started walking on Monday and felt great. On Tuesday I woke up nauseous and not feeling well. I still made it on my walk. Today, I woke up sick and miserable. I had terrible nausea and started vomiting. The vomiting triggered pain in the incision sites and belly so that set me back today. I am now doing a liquid diet to help calm down my body and the pain.

I have gastroparesis and was told it was mild, however, I believe that is what is making me sick on top of my food allergies. I have been cheating and when I do I am noticing it makes me really sick as well. I am relearning how to eat food. I am finding out what works and what makes me feel like I am going to die. I can not tolerate gluten at all anymore, not even in small amounts. Dairy is also one that I have tried to cut out as well. I am also trying not to eat too late at night. I need to stop eating by 6pm now. I thought 7pm was good but I go to bed at 8:30pm-9pm and I need more time to cut off the food. The hard part is I am so hungry sometimes before bed! I will learn to adapt but that will be rough.

I wonder why I was given all these illnesses. It just simply is not fair. I thought MALS surgery would solve all my problems. I am grateful that the MALS pain and nausea are gone and so thankful for the surgeon who did my surgery. I would have been so lost if the surgery did not work but fortunately for me surgery worked! I just now know there were other factors causing my illness to be as bad as it was.

What I have learned from week four is not to take anything for granted, especially a good day. I am learning I need to adhere to a liquid diet for a little while to let my body heal. I need to stay away from my food allergies and take them seriously. I need to just rest and let my body heal and not be in a rush to get out into the world. I have also learned that surgery takes a lot out of you and bed rest is the best thing for you. I am so thankful I can write while being down.

I am hoping my stomach pain goes away soon and I can get some relief from it. Thanks for reading my blog! I will post another blog tomorrow on how I am doing resting my stomach.


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