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I decided to create a website that would give me an outlet to share all of my knowledge, tips and treatments that I have found helpful while battling my illnesses. There are so many people out there who suffer like I do and can not afford holistic or natural treatments. I was fortunate to be able to afford a naturopath doctor when I was working. It was then that I was told I would have died within a week had I not gotten proper medical care. That moment, Dr. Song saved my life. When I lost my ability to continue to work I lost my ability to afford my treatments. I had to learn how to live with the twenty two illnesses that plague my body. It was horrendous but I prevailed and here we are! 


This website has been a dream for me. I wanted to be able to show people that you can help yourself. When I started to help myself doctors wanted to help me. For the first time ever, I am on medications to help regulate my body and control some of my symptoms and agony I experience on a daily basis. My mental health is the best it has been and my body, tired and slow, is in less pain with proper medications. I do not leave the house unless it is a quick errand or a doctors appointment. I stay home, rest my legs, swim in pool, practice yoga and Pilates on a daily basis and continue to survive.

It is not easy to be disabled at my age. I had put off having a family or getting married because I wanted my career. My status in the world. My Job Title. I successfully created and ran five businesses. I had a great life but I was doomed from the start. My body has done things Doctors can not explain. Being diagnosed with MALS, SOD and awaiting a diagnosis of POTS has been a real challenge for me. I have only learned of my diagnosis in 2020 so my blog and website follow my journey to being diagnosed.


This website is intended for informational purposes. I am not a Doctor and have high respect for Doctors as they were able to survive medical school and I can only dream of one day being able to stay healthy to apply to medical school. I had hopes and dreams of being a Naturopath Doctor but I suffered a severe stroke in August and am making a good recovery but find that I am in bed more than I am out of bed. This website is my gift to you. I hope my voice can bring you healing and health. 


Sarah Anne Workman 

Beautifully Disabled

Diagnosed with MALS, autoimmune dysfunction, celiac plexus pain syndrome, chronic pancreatitis, liver inflammation, systemic necrosis, avascular necrosis, neurological dysfunction, sphincter of oddi dysfunction, connective tissue disorder, systemic inflammation, suffered a stroke August 2018 with history of previous TIA's, neuropathy

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