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Why you don't take me to the hospital

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Simple. They told me to stop coming back. Literally Banner Ironwood Hospital in San Tan Valley/Queen Creek told me not to come back in for dehydration and ivs. They are not there to give me hydration I need to go to my doctor and get this figured out. So I called my doctor's while I was there and they told me just to go home. That was in June. I have not ever gone back since then unless it was by ambulance or emergency.

Three times by ambulance I was either deemed having a stroke or TIA and potential stroke one occasion.

By the time they get me to the hospital I start to stabilize. The hospital runs labs, checks vitals, has me evaluated and they all say she can go home. There isn't anything we can do for her here. She needs to see the doctor. That happens every time. I can not have IV pain meds, I can not have steroids. I can not have any medication they can issue so that makes it impossible for them to treat me.

The only medication that stops my seizure like incident's, strokes, or TIa's is medical marijuana.

Since the hospitals and doctors and pharmaceutical companies dictate patient care here in the United States rather than the patient and what is best for them. The government has said you are not allowed to use marijuana in the hospital. So the moral of my story is that I do not need to go to the hospital no matter what. Unless it is surgically related then they can help me but everything else I am on my own.

So if you are reading this Maricopa Fire Department I am not being a brat I am just simply telling you not to take me to the hospital because it is a waste of time. Please just know I don't hate you I just am angry at my situation of not having someone who really cares about me. After your visit things have gotten better and my care level is going up. Thank you for at least caring but there is nothing we can do anymore.

I just need to smoke weed and take my medications and go to bed. I am stuck this way. It is unfortunate that I am stuck this way but I am so thankful for medical marijuana and the fact that it saves me from living in the hospital on steroids and pain meds. Also I did go camping for seven days in the expedition in Cali on my grand adventure. My body is tired and aggravated and needs ketamine. Once I get that this week Ill be ok. But just don't think by coming out here you are going to change my mind. It wont.

My body is tired and aggravated and needs ketamine. Once I get that this week Ill be ok. I am stuck this way but I will bounce back. I just need more time since I had another body throwing me down hitting the walls and floor incident. As well as bashing my chest on the porcelain tub. I am in a lot of pain and having a hard time walking and moving but I have eaten pizza and brownies and ice cream on top of having multiple injuries. I have cheated on my diet and I haven't worked out in a week. I need to move my joints and spine and arms and legs. When I don't use them I just tighten up and lose my ability to move.

I just want to make sure everyone knows I am not being a drama queen or a brat I just am tired of the emergency room and the abuse I endure at the hands of the medical community. Please just let me get to my marijuana and use it when I need help. I don't need any more drama in my life. I just want to be left alone and in peace.

I camped out on Shelter Island for four days. It was amazing.
My second home on Shelter Island. You can take me here!

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It saddens me, how doctors prescribe copious amts of highly addictive opiates and won't prescribe Marijuana. I thought it was legal there in Ca. They have lost the true meaning of healing and or helping the pt have the best quality of life. It's sad how tens of thousands have died from opiate overdoses ,yet marijuana that helps a lot of things with less serious side effects, and no overdoses resulting in death ,is somehow an evil drug. I think we can all relate to sometimes going on a binge with comfort foods. I get what your saying about being in bed any length of time and that stiffness and pain is so debilitating, it makes me literally feel li…

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