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Stable and Steady

You will be stable by the Winter, The Medium Healer told me

By Winter?

By Winter.

I believe now that February was Winter for me.

A house to call my own.

A love to to kiss and Sow our seeds into the ground.

A loving heart that cares more than is scared

A house full of animals to take care of and watch grow

And the birds, so free with their sounds

Buzz around the flower little hummingbird

For your presence makes us feel like we are watching from a far but yet we are near

Your tiny wings flutter back and forth

Making me wonder, how do you stay up there for so long?

Up in the air, not falling on the ground?

This is my home. Our home. To sit outside and listen to the birds.

Watch the kitttens explore and have new adventures.

To hike with Matt and Zeus and love on Bella in her last years.

It leaves me with happy tears when I think of how my heart is so full of love

All because of Matthew

My Heart beats for him and he is my reason to fight to stay alive

Our home, our animal, our love. It should be protected and nurtured.

Just like my garden Where the hummingbirds buzz.

One just dropped down out of the sky as if it knew I was wriitng about it. She buzzed her wings and said hello. To the cats and me.

The kittens just stared in pure essence and awe and I smiled as more hummingbirds came from afar.

Our home. Our love. It’s true And pure. Simple and easy. Stable and steady.

Stability in my life was never a given. It did not exist.

With stability now I am writing more. I am living more and I am loving another human being for the first time.

A love that is true and pure. A love that is simple and easy. Stable And Steady.

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