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Shelter Island. My Sanctuary.

I look back and wonder why I chose Shelter Island but I cant explain it. I felt such peace and calmness camping out being outside on that island. I felt protected. At peace. Then I found the statue of this beautifully carved woman just letting it all go. Strong. relaxed. beautiful. peaceful. I stared at her. I took photos of her. I cried at her feet and each night I spent more and more time with her alone, I felt more at ease with my body.

I started to walk around the island in my swimsuit. I paraded around the pool with comfort in my own skin for the first time. I enjoyed the attention by men and women for the first time. I was proud to show off my body. My strong long legs. My small waist and boobs that look amazing (I am blaming this on menopause) my tone shoulders and even my not so perfect stomach and arms. I did not care. My butt and my legs look good and I have a small waist now and big boobs! I am Barbie! It was so much fun and gave me the confidence to just pick up and keep going down the coast.

Every time I thought I was too tired or sad I would think of Shelter Island and know I could go be safe and happy there but I really kept reminding myself that La Jolla was our destination the entire time you have to go. I convinced my mind and my heart I could do it and I did.

I rested at a friends house and I was about to drive back to Maricopa when I got the urge and courage to go to La Jolla. I MapQuested la Jolla beach and laughed out loud. I am twenty minutes from there! So I went. And I am so glad I did. I will write a blog about La Jolla soon.

For this blog is saved for Shelter Island. A place that will always be one of my happiest spot on earth. When I find these peaceful places I indulge in them. I want to know about them. the history. the story. shelter island had all of that for me. The hotels. The architecture. The entire island so quaint and peaceful. Everyone I encountered on shelter island was so kind and helpful. I fell in love with the Bay Club hotel and marina. I met so many new friends and learned so much new info about places and people and culture.

I highly recommend a visit to Shelter Island. Once you are in the Port area get out of your car and watch the ships sail in and out. The sea lions will be out in the evening swimming by sometimes in pairs and you can get a personalized experience with them. I did not sleep much as I was up all night from the noise and excitement of being by the sea!

Shelter Island was a great place for my first road trip vacation. I am counting down until I can go again! I love that Island. I close my eyes and I can picture the small boats rocking in the waves and the sound of the big ships going out to sea and I smile. For I made it to Shelter Island on my own, no map. No destination in mind. But I was led to this place of shelter when I needed it the most.

Enjoy photos of The Pacific Spirit "The waves echo behind me. Faith- Patience- Openness is what the sea has to teach." Anne Morrow Lindbergh she was my strength in a time of need. She is my reminder that I am strong as long as I remain faithful, patient and open with my struggles and illness. I will be ok. And I was. I enjoyed my first vacation in years and my first road trip on my own. It was incredible. Thank you Shelter Island for the protection when I needed shelter.

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