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I am so excited that the biggest part of my website is ready to launch! I have been working diligently on a page to share all of the products and nutritional items I use. I wanted to be able to help guide people to the right options that should be used in extreme cases like mine or just every day people wanting to be a little healthier.

Click here to visit the web page!

I know there are so many products on the market these days it is overwhelming to decide which one is the best for your body. Due to my allergies and sensitives I had to make sure that I was not harming my body by trying to help it with the wrong protein powder and wrong amino acids or just too many supplements in general. I am proud of the list I will share with you.

The products I use also support my friends, local businesses, women owned businesses and small town farming! You can feel good about yourself when you use one of my recommended items and your body will thank you!

If you have questions about any of the items or products I use please email me at You can also email me with product information of products you think I might want to try! I am looking for new ones to review and suggest!

Thank you for supporting my website and woman owned operation! It feels good to use my days helping others with the knowledge and information I have learned on my own while trying to stay alive. I would say I am a very qualified candidate to have this forum to be able to help others.

Sarah Anne Workman

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