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I’m Engaged!!

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

It happened. A man who can handle my crazy wild unhinged life! A good man. A good decent man. Wow. I love saying that I am engaged. I wear my gorgeous ring designed by Scott Bohall of Treasures For You in Glendale, Arizona And I can not believe that it is mine. It is a four carat french cut amethyst in a cushion cut vintage french design. There are diamonds surrounding the amethyst as well as diamonds along both sides of the band. It is simply stunning. And he’s all mine. The ring reminds me all day that he is with me. The love I have been praying and dreaming of my entire life. It’s a real hallmark movie story! If you have not read the blog about The Story of Us you can read it here. Christmas Love Story. That is Us. And It feels good.

He proposed when I was coming down the stairs all glammed up for Friday night at the W In Scottsdale for Fashion Week. He surprised me and got us tickets to the Birdie Bee Fashion Show which is created and owned by The Bella Twins! The WWE SuperStars who I just love and adore. So not only did he propose when I was all glammed up, we went on the town for a party that night. I felt like it was our engagement party! With all my favorite people. Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, Nia Jax and Paige! All WWE Superstars, Gorgeous, strong, Fashionable and Athletes. Which is everything I am minus the WWE Superstar part. Secretly I have learned that I really wanted to be a WWE Diva. I missed my chance but I Am pretty sure I would never have passed the evaluation and physical evaluation but get me in that ring and this 5’ 10” frame strong and lean could take on those girls!! In my day dreams I think about it and sometimes I train at the gym like I am going to try out to be a WWE Superstar but we all know its just a Dream. But getting engaged and then going out and partying with them was so much fun. They all said congratulations and were so happy for us. The conversations we had with each one was genuine and unique. They truly do care about their fans. I feel like Nia Jax and I could be besties! She was so cool. And extremely gorgeous. Similar paersonalites. I spent time talking with her the most. My favorite lady is Paige. Her story is incredible and not only is she beautiful she has always been true to herself. I really enjoyed meeting her. It was a great night. I danced, and cheered during the fashion show and I did the “Yes” Chant. I was on cloud nine! Matt had asked me to be his wife and I finally got to go out for a night on the town with my best friend and fiancé And celebrate our new life together.

It was the best engagement night anyone could have.

To top it off, I met Artem from Dancing with the stars! He was with Nikki Bella and they were pretty hot and heavy all night. It was really cute to watch them together. I mean I wasnt trying to be creepy stalker but it was awesome to see two people in love. I mean I dont know if they are but their actions sure did show more than just dating!! They even came over by Matt and I in our quite little area and danced. They even pointed and watched us two step at one point! Artem, if you are reading this! I am so happy I got that photo with you. It took me a few weeks to process that night but I taught myself how to walk and dance again and that night was my first night out dancing since my stroke and I can not say how awesome it was to be in my happy place again And to meet Artem along with the Bellas was really unique. So Artem, thanks for watching us dance and feeling comfortable to bring NKiki over to where we were. That made our night. And I wont chant “Artem, Artem, Artem” anymore but it just goes to well with The “yes” chant that it was easy and fun to switch your name out for “yes”. Thanks for being a cool dude.

Working in the sports industry I was never star struck or excited to meet people. So being that these strong, beautiful and athletic women have caught my attention and given me something to focus on other than being trapped in a body that is too old for me has been fun! I love watching the shows and now that I can attend the parties these girls host I am going to go! I missed out on having fun in my life after I got sick and I miss going to parties and events now instead of working or running them I get to go as a VIP guest and just have fun as well as be a fan. I have embraced my loss of my career this way. I am learning to enjoy going to events and getting dressed up and drinking all the wine I want And not have to clean up after! It was a great night.

Overall, I am very happy these days. My health has not been the best but I am making the most of it. I am fully disabled at this time which means I am home full time and I do not drive anymore. So I spend a lot of time here in the house and I am so blessed Matt and I have the luxury to live in the resort community at the Arizona Grand Resort. I have the mountain to hike and four pools to swim in, three are heated. I set up my outdoor patio as a garden and its beautiful. We got an outdoor couch and a beautiful rug that I use to meditate and practice yoga on. It’s my new happy spot. My very own garden. I am growing flowers and lavender and the most beautiful succulents that I use to make my own little succulent gardens. I have been very happy out gardening and the patio is just beautiful with all the flowers and trees and climbing bushes blooming. I chose to spend my time at home making the patio a place where I could spend time at that was covered in flowers and greenery Without having to leave my house. And it has been accomplished. The photos do not even do it justice.

My blog is going to starut to expand soon! I have decided to focus on it full time and really grow the information and regiments I do to feel better each day. I want to add a podcast soon! I am really excited for that. I have a radio and media background that would pay off well for me having my own podcast And sometimes I would rather talk than write because sometimes my hands Just do not work.

Thank you for reading my blog and if you are in need of jewlery or just want to look at pretty sparkles call Scott at Treasures! The link and info is below. Love you all!


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