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Hoof Beats on the Ground

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

His mane danced on his neck like waves from the ocean rolling in after a storm His hoof beats pounded on the ground

My heart soared above the pain

While riding on his back, holding his mane

I hugged him I kissed him I told him I loved him And I hugged him again

Our last ride, through the fields and down the road, visiting his favorite mare Please let us stay right there, this moment, this time Where his hoof beats on the ground

The first time I saw him I had to have him Everyone said it wouldn’t be But it was meant to be I raised that Cowboy and loved him with all of my heart

As I soared on his back, holding onto his mane

I loved that Cowboy like no love could ever be

Our last moments, beneath the stars, dancing to the hoof beats

I hugged his neck and sang our favorite songs I two stepped with that horse, dancing around his stall

But the next day was not that long I could have used more time. I needed more time.

I cried in that moment When his hoof beats no longer beat on the ground

I miss that Cowboy The photos of us surround me He is everywhere. His mane, his tail, his fetlock safe in a place where I can see them all His presence can be felt, his scent can be smelled

But his hoof beats no more on the ground

Cowboy said goodbye before he was five That was when my heart stopped beating When there were no more hoof beats on the ground

Please let us have the moment back where you ran to me

I just need that moment where you ran to me

When I could hear your hoof beats on the ground

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