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Health Tip of the Day

Legs dont work?! Feeling tired and heavy?? Need a quick fix!!

Take them for a Walk.

The mere pressure of having to move pushes the blood flow through to your legs which may be getting insufficient blood flow to them causing you to have the heavy miserable feeling of like your legs do not want to work.

The heavy cement feeling and tiredness is from lack of blood flow. The best way to get the blood flow moving and gain some energy push past the initial pain and heaviness and start walking. Walk and keep walking. I promise you that feeling will go away. Make sure to take your time and only push yourself hard enough if you are healthy and able to exercise. I am not responsible if something happens to you because you tried to walk to much. Get to the doctor if you cant even walk. Just saying.

I make myself walk and move even when it hurts and its hard. I force myself because I know the outcome is worth the pain. The pain is also only temporary and my workouts never let me down. Ten minutes. Five minutes. Seventy five minutes. It all helps my body one minute at a time.

Please let me know how working out and walking have helped you! I love to hear stories of success and overcoming your chronic illness.


OUt Hiking with my Love

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