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Happy New Year!

Now that 2020 is over I am ready for a fresh start to a great year.

I have been away from the computer for the past couple of months because I was working two jobs! I got a part-time job at a large retail store close by for the Holiday Season. I enjoyed working there and loved the discount. As a "shopaholic" discounts are my favorite thing!

I had some setbacks towards the end of last year and am so thankful for new medications for the new year. I, unfortunately, developed severe migraines as a result of falling on the tile and hitting my head. I had to miss a few days of work at both jobs which was upsetting. The migraines really took me out and I have never experienced them so bad as I did in 2020.

I was able to get on a new medication Imitrex for the migraines and it worked. The downside is insurance will only cover 9 pills a month so you have to decide which migraines to take them with. I am lucky that I have another headache medicine that works pretty well you just have to take it every four hours and I hate taking that much medication. The heart doctor wants me to drink Pedialyte as well so I have been doing that and it helps with the little headaches and helps prevent the big migraines. I have been very active and I think that some of my arm workouts have been tightening my neck muscles and causing the occipital neuralgia, basically a migraine in the back of your head starting in your occipital area. That is where my migraines are. They are the worst.

I was diagnosed with POTS towards the end of 2020 as well. That was a huge relief because it solves the mystery of what is wrong with me. I will write another blog about POTS and share the details of the illness. It's an autonomic nervous system disorder and it makes you very miserable. I feel like we are getting it under control now that I have migraine medications and Pedialyte in the fridge. POTS messes with your electrolytes so I need to fuel my body with them to help keep my electrolytes balanced. I see the new neurologist in February so I am counting down to learning more about POTS and what it is doing to my body and how to overcome the illness.

Despite all of my setbacks, I have been very active for the past month and a half. I started hiking three to seven days a week! The more energy I have the more I hike. We live in a mountain preserve area and can walk to the trails right from the end of our street. We have an awesome ridgeline trail that is perfect for an hour of cardio. I have been able to work my way up to hiking the ridgeline twice in one hike. I hike up and then down and take a trail that circles back to the ridgeline and then hike back up and down again. It is a workout but I feel great! My heart is getting stronger, I am losing weight and I have more energy each week. I have started doing pilates again and working my way up to longer classes online. Right now I am doing it on my own once or twice a week and slowly getting stronger. I have tried to just jump in and do pilates online classes but I get too sore and I do not want to do it again. I am learning to move slower and take it easier on my body but still give myself a decent workout so I can continue to do the exercises during the week and hike. It feels great to be active again!

I am looking forward to a great 2021 and am feeling the best I have in a long time. I am a little slower but I have energy and I am not sleeping my new year away. Matt and I enjoy our weekend hikes together and I love when he comes with me. He makes me so happy.

Matt and I got a new workout wardrobe for the winter and we go out in our matching under armour outfits and walk the dog. New athletic clothes have made it much easier for me to be active outside in the cooler weather in Arizona. However, this week it's been near 80 every day! It's taking away from my cute new sweaters and jackets! Matt was so amazing to me and for Christmas took me on a small shopping spree at a Dick's Sporting Goods. I bought everything I have been wanting! I picked out quite a few Under Armour items, a lot of Calia by Carrie Underwood, and some Nike items. I also got two pairs of Brooks shoes! I am in love with them. One pair I use for walking and hiking, yes hiking. They have made it so much easier for me to walk with neuropathy. I'm doing about 10,000 steps on average a day and walking three to five miles a day. The Brooks shoes have made it so that I can walk without my feet getting too irritated. I also bought a pair for work. They have been great! I have to rest my feet after working all weekend on Monday's but I am able to tolerate walking a lot more now that I have changed my shoes. Before I could barely walk the next day. My feet were in so much pain and any pressure would cause them to feel like they were broken. It was awful and part of my reason for not being able to walk and be active. Brooks shoes have changed my life. I highly recommend them for neuropathy.

My MALS has been under control due to a recent celiac plexus ablation. I am so thankful for Integrity Pain and Wellness. They have saved my life and given me the ability to live life without being on a feeding tube. I pray that the blocks and the ablations continue to give me relief and that I am able to get them for the rest of my life. I try not to think about long term MALS life because it gives me insane anxiety. The what-ifs are too scary for me right now so I am learning to enjoy life now. Day by day. I take it day by day. I have been able to add in more nutritional items I can drink so that I get healthier and healthier. I am going to write a blog about that and share my nutritional journey with everyone. I know the products I am using can help others! Even if you are on a feeding tube or can't eat because it hurts, the products I use have helped me stay alive at some points in my life. Life Recovery Wellness is amazing and the Owner has been great to me. He has been a great guide on my nutritional journey with MALS. Thanks, Erik Laifer for being amazing! I will write a blog and share the items and information. Look for that this week!

I enjoyed sharing my New Year journey with you today. I hope your 2021 is going great and that you're optimistic about a new year. I hope that you stay healthy and safe during the pandemic. I appreciate you reading my blog and catching up with me. I look forward to sharing more blogs with you in 2021 and keeping up with all of my MALS and POTS friends. I hope my story and my battles helps someone else.

Happy New Year!


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