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Getting back into shape while fighting MALS

Well it sure has been a long two years of eating food. And enjoying every moment of it. Some days my body still starves itself and other days I am so hungry I eat everything I can. Its become a coping mechanism and how I have survived with MALS. If I am not hungry I just do not eat. I let my body wait until it tells me I am hungry. If I am hungry I eat. I have not been able to stick to any form of a diet or really stay on track calorie wise because of my limitations with the MALS pain.

The celiac plexus blocks have changed my life and I am not going to lie I have been eating a lot of vegetable chow mein and a few spicy chicken sandwiches from Wendy's or Jack in the Box. Food I would never touch from 2012-2018. I did so well on my crazy ridiculous diet that I lost too much weight. I was working out, living with MALS pain thinking it was food allergies making me sick and I was essentially starving myself. I was eating gluten free, vegetables, salads, smoothies easy stuff that did not hurt but strictly no preservatives, no dairy, no soy, no wheat, no gluten, no shellfish.. nothing that came up I was sensitive too. I had been diagnosed with celiac disease through a biopsy so I lived a life with no sensible diet because I was so limited on what I could eat. The last two years of being diagnosed with MALS, getting celiac plexus blocks and learning to enjoy food again I have cheated and ate pretty much what I want when I want and when I can.

It feels like I am still starving myself when I am not hungry and do not eat but those are days after a day Ive consumed a decent calorie day. It is as though one day of good eating can last me for two days. My body does not crave anything or even have hunger pains. I am hungry and my brain is hungry but there is no appetite. This stems from the pain food causes me. I have learned how to fast a lot and do it well. The good news is I am tolerating liquids and am drinking a lot of water.

Since I am working part time and walking a lot of steps my legs are toning up and slimming down. I started back with weight training and working on getting back into the gym for cardio. I am trying to balance out work and the gym as my job is physical and I do a lot of steps most nights I am really tired and feel like cardio is too much sometimes. I did eat a lot yesterday and I do know cardio would be good for me but then I remember that I work and its Friday night so I will probably reach the 10,000-12,000 step range. Which is pretty decent for a few hours of work.

Overall, I know the way I am supposed to eat but refuse to eat that way most days. I am tired of lack luster food. I love eating out and am enjoying the freedom of choosing foods I never got to eat before. Most of my life I was always thin and it was not until I became sedentary from my gynecological tumors and ovary being dead that I gained weight. Once I lost it I felt so much more like me. I love fashion and my wardrobe was the best it has ever been. I am hoping with some changes and more accountability and knowing what is right for my body and what is wrong I will start to see bigger changes with my weight. I am losing weight slowly and I am proud of that since I am so limited on my workouts right now. We are also dealing with record heat in the 100's in Arizona and I have not been able to hike or bike ride. In a couple of weeks I should be able to start doing that. It was great for me to get in a 30 minute bike ride around the neighborhood hills and mountain trails. I noticed I was toning up faster from bike rides than the gym cardio. I also have found that yoga is getting harder for me to do since my joints and bones have taken a beating from all the walking I am doing. I try to make sure to get in poses daily but I was slacking. Now I will get back on track. It is just a matter of doing it!

Battling chronic severe pain daily really makes life tough. The medications I take make me sleepy and so I would rather not take them some days, deal with the pain and be active, like today. I did a good weight session now I am going to do some pilates and yoga before I get ready for work. I have been trying to work on my core but that triggers immense pain so I have to smoke marijuana when I start a pilates work out and keep my vape pen by me throughout the session. The vape pen really helps to calm the nerves and the pain so I can get in a good 10-20 minute session to strengthen my body. I just have to be very cautious of not triggering the sphincter of oddi pain. Yeah it is a mess but I keep going! I have a lot of cute winter clothes I am ready to fit into.

Thank you for letting me share my journey! I know we are all working out and trying to lose the quarantine weight. Me I am trying to lose the celiac plexus and marijuana weight from eating! I was once in need of a feeding tube and now I am in need of the gym. I would rather be on this side of the fence than starving again. It was awful.

I hope you get your workout on and enjoy this beautiful day.


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