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Christmas Love Story

Its not shocking for lost loves to reconnect on social media these days, given that is our primary form of commuinaction in the year 2018. It is not uncommon to rekindle a lost romance by reaching out to an ex boyfriend, a love that you never forgot. But what about your Homecoming Date. You pull out the photo of you two from senior year, perfectly posed And smiling. A quick glance you would see a beautiful couple. Him, protecting and embracing her while she smiles and shines and glows. Details overlooked for years. Twenty years to be precise. You glance quickly at the photo and you safely put it back where it has been for all these years. Then, you decide to reach out to that homecoming date from 1998 to share the laughs of twenty years gone by. He responds and you talk. Something is sparked. Something magical.

A Christmas Love Story begins.

I had visited a psychic earlier this year when I had lost all hope and given up on God. She was perfect for me. Her beliefs in God and her connection with my spirit proved to be a very important moment in my life. She told me that I would reconnect with a lost love from high school. She said a love that got away. I racked my brain in that moment trying to figure out who this lost love would be. She said she also saw me moving to San Diego.

That lost love is Matt. My boyfriend. I just love saying that. Not only did we fall in love back then with each other we just never knew it. All the heart ache, all the pain I went through and endured could have been avoided had I just let Matt into my heart a very long time ago. However, life is about timing and now, now is our time. It is our time to love each other, to protect each other and to be together. It is our time to love and be loved. We both have had a rough life and to be given an angel in my time of need saved me. It saved my heart. Even more incredible, the psychic said she saw me moving to San Diego. Well, Matt was born in San Diego and has his birth certificate in a drawer. As soon as I saw that I knew he was the one. The one the psychic spoke about.

What sparked me reaching out to Matt was that it has been twenty years since that photo was taken yet its in perfect condition. He had aged well and I sometimes stalked him on facebook. I always loved and cared about Matt but I thought he wasnt interested. Matt, said he thought the same thing about me. We both just Went through life wishing we were loved.

I decided to say hi to Matt on facebook instead of sitting around waiting on him I sent Matt a message on Facebook to share the homecoming photo with him and a new spark was born. We made plans to see each other but I could not wait. I text him the next day and asked if he wanted to hang out. He said yes and I came over to his apartment. Now, eleven days later, I have not left. We have been inseperable since that Simple moment in time when I asked to see him again.

Matt had recently visited Rome and he made sure to go to the famous Love FountaiN where he said he threw in three coins. Three coins that you wish on for love. Matt three in three coins, to ensure he would find love.

Sarah went to the psychic that day to give herself hope. She was desperate and needed Someone to just give her positivity and a glimpse into her future. Was it going to even be there? Would there be a future? Sarah was reassured that her health would finally get under control and that love would find her. A lost love.

Today, Sarah and Matt have made a commitment to each other to always take care of one another. To be happy. To love. To travel together. To fall asleep together. To be happy together.

Its a real life love story. One that has to be shared. One that gives you hope that love will find you too. I just adore Matt more than words can say. I miss him when he’s not home and I cant get enough of him when he is home. I feel like I am dreaming everyday. I work so hard on my brain and my emotions to ensure that I let him into my heart. And so far, love has been the best medicine.

I finally got my Hallmark Movie Christmas Love Story!!

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