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Celiac Plexus Blocks. Around 40.

I am still continuing my treatment of celiac plexus blocks as needed. Thank goodness for an amazing pain doctor who allows for the use of them. We are going to be doing a nerve ablation soon which he will burn the nerves of the plexus region off and insert a very strong medication usually used for cancer patients or end stage life pain. He was holding out on me.. I knew there was a stronger medication out there. He will insert this medication into the plexus region to relieve my pain for up to six months. The time frame it could take to get me into surgery. He said even with surgery I still may require blocks sometimes to help with residual pain or pain from the SOD I suffer but the pain should be less and the nausea should go away as well from surgery. I am in a MALS group on facebook and I follow individuals post surgery. Most are having great lives but there are still some that suffer even after surgery. I pray and hope that I am not one who would suffer still after going through such a brutal surgery.

I will keep you updated on when I have my next round of celiac plexus blocks or when I have the nerve ablation whichever comes first. As for now the two I had back to back this past three weeks are working. It took two weeks of blocks and one week of waiting for the medications to work before I felt relief. I forget how bad the pain is without a block. Its excruciating.

Alright friends I am off to make dinner as my appetite is kicking in from smoking marijuana all day. Tonights dinner will be turkey and pinto bean bowls with chopped vegetables. Our favorite dinner! I am so thankful I can eat!

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