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Celiac Plexus Ablation Treatments

I have been fortunate to have received two celiac plexus ablations this year and both have been successful in controlling my pain and nausea. The celiac plexus ablation is a procedure done under anesthesia at my pain doctor's office. The Doctor goes into your spine and directly into the celiac plexus regions and uses high heat to burn the nerves to kill them. Medication is inserted into the area to help with pain control. You wake up with no real discomfort and go home. It is a relatively easy procedure and my Doctor uses ketamine with the anesthesia to help with pain and it works very well for my body. It also helps with my depression as well.

The two celiac plexus ablations have made it so I am not getting blocks every month. My first ablation I went almost six months pain-free. This was huge as I have never gone that long without treatments pain-free. I was able to start seeing the orthopedic doctor for my joints since my MALS is under control which has led us to find out I have issues going on. All controllable but frustrating nonetheless.

I am grateful MALS is under control. I just had my second ablation I am still feeling some pain but my diet has been all over the place as we went to Cabo for my 40th birthday! I ate food and drank pina colada's and enjoyed myself! I am feeling pain so I have been back on a controlled diet and I am once again limiting gluten and wheat to help with the pain. It is very difficult for me as I have been eating what I have wanted for three years now. With the upcoming wedding, I have to get my diet under control and for pain reasons I need to eat better. It has been such a difficult battle as I was starving before so I am mentally traumatized from feeling hungry. I would have to go days without food and I never want to feel that hunger ever again. I am learning to find a healthy balance between overeating and eating enough. I am so thankful for my friends who also share and post their health journeys. It helps me a lot. I am able to see what other people are doing and eating and I mimic their diets as much as I can with my limitations. Slowly I am learning how to eat a normal diet and adapt to a healthier lifestyle.

I was told by the MALS surgeons, I consulted, to live out my life on celiac plexus blocks and ablations. I am glad he gave me the go-ahead to do this. Surgery hopefully will be an option if my treatments stop working but for now, I am so thankful that I do not need surgery and have been able to keep weight on for three years without having any episodes of having to starve. I am working hard to lose the weight I gained mostly by lifting weights, cardio and some dieting. This week I cracked down on diet so I am excited about more weight loss progress. This time the healthy way!

I hope this blog helps others who have not heard about celiac plexus ablations. Please find a pain doctor and share with them my story. The ablations have made it so I can live life normally. I do have breakthrough pain but the celiac plexus blocks help with that and so does staying away from foods that make me sick. I know what does because of the bloodwork I have had done. Gluten is my biggest trigger for pain. I will keep everyone updated on my progress with cutting gluten out more and see if this helps with the breakthrough pain I am feeling. Other than that I can drink water with no pain and eat food. Its incredible.

I am wishing you all the best!


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