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Catching Up!!!! I borrowed the bingo money and the expedition and finally ran away. Moms not happy.

Oh my goodness it has been a crazy two weeks. I am writing this very inured and messed up from a seizure like incident I experienced over the weekend. I am having hard time typing but I want to share this story. I may have stolen the bingo money and the expedition in theory but in reality I had permission to drive the car. My father watched me load up. My father gave me gas money the entire time. And I always communicated with him. This story is for entertainment purposes and I want it to be funny. SO I am going to present it as I want to entertain you for a few moments.

Keep checking back today as I will be posting stories about my California adventures!

To all the people I met along the way thank you for being a part of my healing! Thank you.

Enjoy my writing.

Sarah Anne Workman

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