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My Favorite Products

I am obsessed with facial care and keeping my skin healthy and beautiful. Over the 38 years of my life, I have pretty much tried everything on the market. On this page, I share with you the products I have come to love and use on a regular basis. I will be doing giveaways of these products so be sure to sign up at and let me know you want to receive my newsletter and weekly giveaways and product information. 

I had the luxury of being able to use Eminence face products most of my life but when I got sick I could not afford my products and had to forgo my beauty regiment. I searched for new products I could afford on a limited budget. I tried everything. I realized I would not be able to afford the products I wanted so I started to make my own natural organic products with the ingredients I loved the most from Eminence! 


I purchased essential oils, coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter and other various items such as witch hazel, distilled water and dark bottles to put my creations into. As I started making my own products I was also finding new items to incorporate into my new regiment. 


I have been more than ecstatic to see that products that resemble Eminence are hitting the market. I stumbled upon a new brand that Walgreens carries. Its called Botanics. I am blown away that this company has created an organic plant based skin care line and has been able to keep the price point down and under $20 for a product. The bonus of buying these products from Walgreens is that they offer buy one and get one half off. I was able to but some awesome items that have changed my skin for the better! 


I will share with you my beauty regiment as well as the products I have come to love! If you have any beauty questions please go tot he contact us page and send your questions so we can get you on the right path for the best beauty regiment for your skin! 

AM Skin Routine

Morning skin care is imperative if you want glowing, flawless skin. I have experimented with many routines and I have finally come up with the best routine for myself. My skin appreciates natural, organic ingredients and less is more when it comes to my skin. The routine I created is specifically designed for my face and my skin care needs. Experiment with your favorite products and be patient. Your skin will tell you exactly what it needs.

Routine: I do not wash my face in the morning. I have found that my skin is more plump, my lips are fuller, my eyes are less swollen and puffy and my skin is calmer now that my night time routine and products have increased to include Lancôme nighttime serums and creams. My nighttime routine leaves my skin looking naturally glowing so all I have to do in the AM is take out my Beauty 360 Calming Cleansing Towelettes that gently soothe and cleanses my sensitive skin without removing the goodies that have been left over form my nighttime routine. 

If I do wash my face in the AM I use a gentle cleanser like Clinique's gentle cream cleanser. I love this one because it cleans your skin but add softness and adds a glow to your skin. Sometimes I exfoliate in the AM depending on my skin care routine that day. I exfoliate 5-7 days a week. 


Secondly I use my Lancôme Genefique Youth Activating Concentrate on my entire face and neck

Third I use Lancôme Renergie Lift Multi Action on my eyes, lip area, forehead and cheeks in a very small amount

Fourth I use my eye creams from Estée Lauder my favorite one is Revitalizing Supreme. It is an anti aging eye balm. Within three days of use my eye puffiness has reduced and my black eyes are no longer present.


Fifth and final is the most important for me. The moisturizer. I use numerous ones but the two I have consistently been sticking with at the moment are Raw Shea Butter Hydrating Moisturizer with Frankincense. I also use Botanicals glowing night cream that I purchased at Walgreens. I also have four other lotions and creams I use but I like to alternate and rotate products plus I can never pass up a buy one get one free sale! 


My skin is always thirsty due to my dehydration issue so I make sure to moisturize my body by soaking in my marijuana bath oil I make as well as using good quality facial and body products. 

Once I am all moisturized I then place my Botanics Triple Age Renewal Facial Oil onto my skin and lock in the moisture and oils from all of my beauty products and it leaves your skin glowing like you just walked out of a facial. 

Skin care can be easy! Look for products that you gravitate towards naturally. Most of the time your body will show you what you need and you'll be introduced to so many new options that are made with plant based material as well as some chemically enhanced products that will knock your socks off with fast immediate results. 



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